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The Yarns That Knit Ya | The Stories That Make Us

A blog about Newfoundland culture and the fascinating stories that shape it.

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Newfoundland Facts & Folklore

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  • New.

    New, innovative art is everywhere in Newfoundland. From painting to fibre art, music to graffiti, drag to poetry there is always something exciting happening. Follow on Twitter for up-to-the-minute finds and hear an eclectic blend of some of the island’s hottest music right here on the Product of Newfoundland mixtape.

  • Found.

    Find something fascinating in a familiar place. Newfoundland has a long history and sometimes quirky culture. Follow Newfoundland Factory on Twitter for daily trivia. For deeper dives, read full articles at Product of Newfoundland.

  • Land.

    Newfoundland has awe inspiring geography. From the mountains of Gros Morne to the colourful houses of downtown St. John’s, there is a stunning view around every corner. Follow Product of Newfoundland on Instagram for daily Newfoundland photography, trivia and commentary.